Membership Cancellation or Pause Request

Reminder: As per the terms and conditions accepted prior to booking your first class at Movement there is a cancellation fee for challenges, programs or memberships at Movement. After the 7 day cooling off period, early cancellation of challenges, programs and memberships have an early cancellation fee. For more details please click here to review the T&C’s Terms and conditions have been agreed to prior to booking the your first class. Pausing memberships can only be done for 30 days or more for those on a full time membership. 30 Day’s noticed period is required for the cancellation of a membership.

Reason For Pausing or Cancelling
By checking this box I am confirming that I am pausing or cancelling my membership at Movement Fitness in line with the terms and conditions on the Movement Fitness App and/or Website or with a signed contract with Movement Fitness
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