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Movement Fitness provides group training classes and personal training services in a number of unique indoor and outdoor spaces .

We are a community led fitness business offering three individual class formats each week to achieve optimal results for our members .

Every workout is unique, varied and constantly changing meaning you’ll never do the same workout twice at Movement. We offer monthly training programs and workout challenges to help motivate and push our members to achieve their true potential in a fun supportive environment.

Our tagline WE MOVE AS ONE represents our community spirit whereby we encourage and support every member to become the best version of themselves through health , fitness and wellbeing.


Our strength based workouts focus on educating clients on basic functional movements like squats, deadlifts, overhead press and bench press for example.

Build lean muscle, burn body fat and improve muscular strength/ endurance. Each workout consists of one strength piece followed by a full body conditioning workout


Our Sweat class is programmed to burn more calories & maintain lean muscle mass than any other bootcamp out there .

Sweat uses a mixture of HIIT & varied resistance training to churn calories and achieve your goals in a time efficient 45 minute class .


Our weekly Saturday Squad class represents our WE MOVE AS ONE tagline.

Our weekly squad workout incorporates a partner or team based challenge whereby members work together to complete the weekly workout.

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Strength & Conditioning

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Strength & Conditioning

Group Workouts

Personal Training


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With over a decade of experience and thousands of results, we are experienced in delivering our members fitness goals. We believe in a client-first approach, tailoring your fitness and nutrition to meet your requirements. 

focused, highly targeted workouts

multiple memberships to choose from

nutrition guidance and accountability

Motivational coaches to keep you on track

indoor and outdoor locations across Dublin

Results that speak for themselves

The results speak for themselves


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Personal Training
X  Indoor Small Group Training
X  Nutrition Coaching

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Personal Training
X  Indoor & Outdoor Group Training
X  Nutrition Coaching

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Personal Training

1:1 Personal Training
X  2:1 Personal Training
X  3:1 Personal Training
X  4:1 Personal Training

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6 Week Nutrition Coaching
X  12 Week Nutrition Coaching
X  Tailored Nutrition Plans
X  Cook Books & Nutrition Guides

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